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Ipsen VacTreater

Single chamber vacuum furnace for hardening, tempering, annealing and brazing optional Ipsen SolNit®



Tools & Dies



Why Ipsen?

Quality Guarantee

The Ipsen quality guarantee means that we are personally committed to meet the highest technical and service standards. As Quality Assurance Manager, I am responsible for constantly checking quality and safety measures as well as for optimizing processes. Our Quality Management Team which includes 6 Auditors supervises and checks the implementation of our own set quality criteria for all products and processes. For this, we have developed Ipsen specific quality features not only for our R &D and Production up to delivery but also for our Service.

The Ipsen quality features are:

  • We only deliver inspected and tested installations
  • All PLC control cabinets are equipped with air-condition to avoid heat-related failure
  • On the market, we offer the strongest wall thickness for vacuum installations to secure vessel stability
  • We are able to guarantee the quality of our products 100% due to in-house production of key components (burner technology, heating chambers, Control cabinets etc.)
  • Our warehouse in Kleve offers more than 11.000 spare parts enabling us to quickly respond in case of System failures
  • Incoming parts are already checked upon arrival
  • TÜV inspections are carried out on our premises by TÜV Nord
  • Our technical and service standards are based on
    • Quality Management Standard DIN EN ISO 900:2015
    • Pressure Vessel Standard AD 2000
    • CE Certification for all components
    • Machine guideline 2006/42/EG

We believe quality assurance is a continuous process with constant improvements.
Therefore, the continuous improvement process is implemented in all areas of the organization and is consistently lived by our Ipsen employees.

Customer Service


Ipsen Customer Service helps ensure your system΄s availability, economy and value retention.


We reliably provide the right original spares. And we do it right away, so your equip-ment is up and running again quickly. Since we make our own parts, we can also supply custom builds.

24/7 Service Hotline

Ipsen Customer Service is there for you around the clock. When you call,
you will speak with an experienced specialist who is capable of advising you on your specific situation, as well as providing the solutions to any potential

Online Support

Need help, but don’t have time for someone to make a service visit? Ipsen Custo-mer Service experts can look at your system via live view and solve many issues remotely, thus quickly restoring system availability.


We built your system, so we can repair it better and faster than anyone else can. Having Ipsen experts perform necessary repairs also ensures value retention and production dependability.


It is essential to know how your furnace is doing and if maintenance is, or will be, needed. During an inspection, Ipsen experts will check the furnace’s overall condition, determine causes of wear and detect any operational or safety risks. This level of inspection grants you full planning certainty and helps you avoid downtime

Fitness Check

Our experts examine all of the system’s key points, its general condition and its wor-king environment. They will then tell you if there are any issues so you can take the appropriate actions and relax knowing your production can continue unhampered.

Safety Check – DIN EN746

Avoid accidents and make sure your equipment operation is both legal and safe. Our certified specialists check your equipment according to DIN EN 746 standards, document its safety-related condition and provide you with safety recommendations for the system and operating personnel.

Technical Data


Max working space (warm condition)    610 x 910 x 610 mm (W x L x H)

Max. gross weight of load                         800kg

Operating temperature                              150 °C-1320 °C

Max Temperature                                       1350 °C

Quenching                                                    up to 12 bar abs

Temperature Uniformity                           ± 5 °C

Any questions?

We would be happy to help:

0049 2821 804 0