Package – VacTreater Automotive Package

If you are in the automotive industry, the Ipsen VacTreater is a must-have for your heat treatment shop. With its modular, compact design, it fits even in small spaces perfectly. The VacTreater comes with a convection-assisted heating system to ensure rapid, uniform heating rates. Especially in the automotive industry, every minute counts. So we combine a high-performance, water-cooled quench motor and a frequency converter to ensure that you get the most out of your material. Even large moulds and dies pose no problem for the Ipsen VacTreater, thanks to its automatic redirection of the cooling gas flow. The VacTreater vessel has the greatest wall thickness in its class. In combination with the integrated load cycle recorder, this results in a long product life.

If you need support for your VacTreater, Ipsen is your pit crew. We are available 24/7 to provide direct support and get you back on track. We stock critical-wear and spare parts and can be on-site very quickly, so that your production never has to stop.


Buckle up, start your engine and order your Ipsen VacTreater straight away!

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